Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy 2011!
When you are happy to come back home, you know you had a great vacation!

We began our trip in Istanbul - Stayed with some friends, ate at their new restaurant Meze by Lemon Tree, visited the ancient spice market, and fed seagulls from the ferry crossing Bosphorus.

Sevim's brother and his wife joined us on a 5 day trip to Rome. In Rome we walked everywhere, visited churches, fountains, monuments, ate everywhere, and made short stops at every gelato shop we passed by!

Then, we went to Izmir to relax and visit with the rest of our family and old friends.

We feel refreshed and ready for the new year!!

Our poll shows that Pumpkin Spice  was the most popular gelato of Fall season. So we will continue making it until the end of January! :)

See you all at the shop!