Our Gelato

What is Gelato?
Gelato is an Italian form of ice cream.
In the making, gelato has a lower fat content when compared to that of the traditional American ice cream. In addition to being healthier, having less fat also allows for less ice crystals in the gelato. During the freezing process gelato is slow-churned, resulting in a dense and velvety texture and an opportunity for the ingredients to really bring out their intense flavor. When serving, gelato is kept at a warmer temperature, perfect for licking! :)

How is our Gelato different?
When making gelato, it's very important to have the right base. For our base we use organic milk from the Fresh Breeze Farms in Lynden, WA. We truly care about making a healthy frozen treat for everyone, especially our littlest of patrons! We are the only gelato shop who uses organic milk and sugar in Seattle.

When the base is ready, it comes down to using the right ingredients. We are always looking for what fruits are in season locally or where we can find the best nuts! Northwest berries are delicious while Sicilian pistachios and Turkish hazelnuts are unsurpassed. Everything tastes so much richer when grown in their native land!

We handcraft all of our gelato daily right inside our shop! If you come in during the day, you will probably find us busy in the kitchen mixing batches of heavenly goodness. We are always creating new recipes to keep it interesting! We really pour a lot of love into making our gelato. We have a saying in Turkish: Eat sweet, talk sweet. It gives us great joy to see our gelato put a smile on people's faces!