Our Family

The big move...
In the summer of 1997, we packed everything and moved to Seattle from Izmir, Turkey.  This was only the beginning of our adventure.

For several years our main focus remained our daughters and their education. When our youngest daughter started submitting applications for college, we decided it was finally time to do something for ourselves.
Becoming the creators and owners of a small shop has been our dream ever since we moved here, and working side by side - yes! we love each other that much :)

Time to open our gelato shop...
With encouragement and support from our girls, we opened our shop on Mothers Day 2009.  Wallingford could not have been a more welcoming community! We have made so many friends in such a short time; we feel that they now are an extension of our family!

Often times people notice our accent and ask us how we like Seattle. But, really, we have lived in this dynamic and diverse city for longer than most... We feel right at home! :)

So what's new with the family?...
Our oldest daughter, an architect. Her beautiful boy Atlas is growing leaps and bounds! He's already 15 months old and a frequent visitor at Fainting Goat! His favorite phrase: "eda-mama" We have yet to figure out what that means!! :)

Our middle daughter, after completing her nursing degree, moved to Los Angeles a couple months ago. She's having a great time there, but remembers to come visit us often!

Our youngest one just completed her freshman year at the University of Washington, and has moved home for the summer! It's fun to have her around at home and at the shop!