Friday, June 10, 2011


This was a long and challenging winter even for the most seasoned Seattleite! Finally it's all behind us!

We spent the rainy months perfecting our new recipes like the dark "Dark Chocolate"and "Coffee Crunch". We also polished some of our traditional flavors like "Nutella", which recently received praise from Seattle Magazine! :)

As UW is completing the quarter with finals this week, and other schools in the neighborhood closing before the end of the month, we know things will get livelier at the shop. And! We are ready with our young staff all trained and excited to scoop! Scoop scoop scoop!! :)

We have also hired a little boy named Atlas (our 14 month old grandson) for quality control :) You will see him running around the shop with a cone in his hand... and Sevim running after him :)

See you all at the shop!