Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Creating New Flavors

It's easy to notice, by looking at our always changing gelato line-up, we like to keep things fresh and try new flavors! We like to challenge ourselves with new ideas, and surprise the taste buds of gelato enthusiasts!

It is the perfect season to experiment with cherries, as they are the focal point of any grocery store or farmers market. Heck, they are falling off the tree in my neighbors yard!

The tart flavor of cherries blend perfectly with our milky gelato base. Add the right amount of chocolate chips, and you have a dreamy summer creation!
"But, what do you name it?" asked mom... Hmmm, what do you name it?
"Should we keep it simple and call it cherry chocolate chip?" suggested Yagmur.

We decided to have fun with it, and asked the staff what they think. Some great ideas came up. Finally we decided on Anu's suggestion:

Cherry Jubilee! That sounds fun and summary!

So, come by and try some soon! It's tricky though; it seems to sell out as soon as we put it on the gelato case! It's a good thing we have 17 other delicious flavors to pick from :)